R-Type (c) 07/1987 Irem.
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The Bydo, an evil alien empire is trying to take over our planet Earth! It's up to you as a skilled pilot to venture into their dimension to stop the assault before its too late in this classic shooter. Features excellent graphics with tons of detail, awesome music and a high level of difficulty that will indeed appeal to true shooter fans!
Controlled with an 8-way joystick and two buttons.


Licensed to Nintendo for US manufacture and distribution.

This game runs on the Irem M-72 system hardware.

R-Type is one of the most famous of all scrolling shooters. Its impressive graphics, detailed animation, inventive features and simple yet surprisingly involved gameplay made it a huge success for Irem.

The first boss, as well as some of the stages, seem inspired by the artistic works of H. R. Giger (of 'Aliens' fame). He makes a brief cameo in the TV sets in "Undercover Cops".

Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (R-Type : Irem Game Music - 28XA-199) on 25/01/1988.


At the title screen, the prototype version says 'Play and enjoy the game' instead of 'Blast off and strike the evil Bydo empire!', as it does in the final version.


1. R-Type (1987)
2. R-Type II (1989)
3. R-Type Leo (1992)
4. R-Type III - The 3rd Lightning (1994, Nintendo Super Famicom)
5. R-Type Delta (Sony PlayStation)
6. R-Type Final (Sony PlayStation 2)


* Consoles :
NEC PC Engine (1988)
Sega Master System (1988)
NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 (1991, "R-Type Complete CD")
Nintendo Game Boy (1991)
Nintendo Game Boy Color ("R-type DX")
Sony PlayStation (1998, "R-Types")

* Computers :
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1988)
Commodore C64 (1988)
Amstrad CPC (1988)
Commodore Amiga (1988)
MSX (1988)
Atari ST (1988)
Sharp X68000 (1989)

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